MELAG is an owner operated family business that has consistently focused its efforts on products for practice hygiene since the company was first founded in 1951. This focus has permitted us, as a medium-sized company, to continue to develop our products using a highly specialised development team so that they are market-ready and of a leading international standard.


Sterilization in record time, greatest ease of use and complete reliablity.
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The Premium Fast Autoclave

Ideal and handy for all doctors’ and dentists’ practices that want to sterilize wrapped instruments with the Quick-Program B in only 17 minutes and even unwrapped instruments in only 10 minutes. This includes in each case fractioned pre-vacuum and drying.

The revolutionary new operating concept allows simple intuitive operation with the extra-size colour-touch screen. Programes can be found and selected quickly and easily, errors are prevented and batch documentation is easy to do.

The software for clearance, labelling and tracing of the sterilized instruments, already integrated in the autoclaves is especially innovative. Doctors’ and dentists’ practices highly appreciate this additional safety without extra charge.

Vacuklav 40 B+ is not only the benchmark for innovative water cooling of the vacuum pump but also for quality and reliability.

40 B+ Autoclave

Fast, comfortable and stand-alone

This efficient autoclave for practices has the same record operational times as the almost identical Vacuklav 40 B+. It is possible to remove unwrapped instruments after only 10 minutes and wrapped instruments after only 17 minutes, with the innovative twin chamber technology, using the “Class B” program.


This includes, in each case, fractioned pre-vacuum and drying. The Vacuklav 41 B+ has a patented air cooling system, enabling it to really “stand-alone”, because it only has to be plugged in order to work.


A very special advantage is the integrated software for clearance, labelling and tracing of the sterilized instruments, providing safety for the doctor and for the patients.


The extra-size of the colour-touch display makes work easier and helps to avoid errors in operation. Just turn on the device, follow the instructions by intuition and enjoy work in a sterile room. Processing instruments in conformity with the regulations of the Robert-Koch Institute can be so easy.

41+ Autoclave

The Vacuklav 43 B+ is the ideal device for all practices that desire an effective autoclave without fixed water connection, having an efficient, patented air cooling. Compared with the Vacuklav 41 B+, which is almost identical in construction, the Vacuklav 43 B+ has a larger and deeper (45 cm) sterile chamber, which makes it possible for longer sets of instruments to be processed.

Thanks to its very short operating times, this innovative autoclave can also be used in practices that want to disinfect many instruments quickly at the same time.

Additional advantages are the integrated software for clearance, labelling and tracing of the sterilised instruments, already integrated in the autoclaves, and obviously the extra-size of the colour touch display. This modern concept provides safety for the practice and the patients, makes work easier and helps to prevent errors.
43+ B autoclave

The power house for big practices

The bigger sterilization chamber (45 cm, 22 litre volume) and the vacuum pump’s water-cooling system make the Vacuklav 44 B+ an ideal autoclave for all practices who wish to sterilize many instruments in a short time.

Up to 7 kg wrapped instruments can be sterilized in the “Class B” program in a record time of approx. 30 minutes, including fractional pre-vacuum and drying!

For unwrapped or maximum 1.5 kg wrapped instruments, the Vacuklav 44 B+ offers the fast program “B” with only 17 minutes of drying time included or for unpacked instruments the Quick-Program “S” which is only 10 minutes in duration.

The innovative colour-touch display of the Vacuklav 44 B+ prevents user error, all menus are self-explanatory and intuitive.

The software which is already integrated into the device is of great benefit for the approval, identification and tracking of sterilized instruments. It saves time and reduces the costs of having to obtain additional software and hardware!
44+ B autoclave


High performance “Class S” autoclaves with fast programs and versatile documentation options for single wrapped instruments.

Lots of space for your instruments

With the same technical equipment as theVacuklav 31 B+, the Vacuklav 23 B+, as a class “B” autoclave, offers more internal space for use because it has a deeper interior space (45 cm, volume 22 litres). In this way, longer instrument sets can also be safely sterilized.

Thanks to the patented air-cooling system, the Vacuklav 23 B+ is a real “stand-alone” autoclave. Only a socket is necessary for operation.

The strong vacuum pump and the efficient steam generator provide short cycle times so that simple wrapped hollow-instruments operated in the Quick-Program B can be taken out dry after only 25 minutes.

The integrated monitoring of the feed water and the electronic control of the Vacuklav 23 B+ avoid operating faults and secure high quality sterilization and maximum gentleness for your instruments.

23+ autoclave

Reliability and more space

The Vacuklav 24 B+ is the reliable “Class B” autoclave, offering, with its 10 cm deeper interior space (depth of sterilization chamber 45cm, volume 22 litres), especially for practices with larger sets of instruments.

As with the Vacuklav 30 B+, the Vacuklav 24 B+ features water cooling of the vacuum pump and is thus especially suitable for practices that wish to carry out several sterilization processes one after another.

By means of a simple connection, just like a washing machine, the Vacuklav 24 B+ can be connected in the practice, without great installation efforts.

The versatility of recording, the ease of use and the high reliability of the Vacuklav 24B + are appreciated by all practices.

24+ autoclave

Efficient and reliable

The efficient, water-cooled vacuum pump secures successful sterilization and optimal dryness of instruments up to 5 kg in weight, also in continuous operation. The connection of the autoclave to the water inlet and outlet is as simple as with a washing machine!

Practices appreciate in particular the proved reliability of the Vacuklav 30 B+, the simple operating design and the numerous possibilities for loading. Up to five trays or three cassettes can be sterilized at the same time in the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 17 litres).

The integrated monitoring of the feed water is an additional advantage, since bad water quality damages instruments and causes high costs.

30+ autoclave

Reliable autoclaves that work continuously 

These flexible products are not only distinguished by the patented air cooling of the vacuum pump, but also by their reliability and ease of use.

The innovative design of the Vacuklav 31 B+ simultaneously features fast operating times, along with versatility in recording and safety.

The integrated monitoring of the feed water and the electronic control of the Vacuklav 31 B+ avoid operating faults and secure high quality sterilization and maximum gentleness for your instruments.

Instruments of up to 5 kg in weight may be sterilized on 5 trays in the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 17 litres).

Two special, ergonomic water containers (for feed and waste water) are already integrated in the autoclave as well as the important monitoring of the water quality.

31+ autoclave


The “Class S” of the euroclav model series
High performance “Class S” autoclaves with fast programs and versatile documentation options for single wrapped instruments.

“Class S” with pre-vacuum and vacuum drying
MELAG offers practices an economically alternative to the “Vacuklav” series with its Euroklav 23 VS+, which, by reason of the instruments and the type of wrapping used there, require no “Class B” autoclaves.

The Euroklav 23 VS+, being larger than the Euroklav 29 VS+, is especially suitable for practices that want to sterilize longer instruments, wrapping or cassettes, because it has a chamber volume of 22 litres (depth of chamber is 45cm).

The Euroklav 23 VS+ features four “Class S” programs for sterilization of unwrapped or wrapped instruments and textiles.

The powerful and efficient vacuum pump creates a simple pre-vacuum for safe removal of air before sterilization and for optimal post-drying of the instruments after sterilization.

The modern electronic design permits versatility in batch documentation, by integrating with the network , through the compact flash card or as well as with the known MELAprint42log printer.
23 autoclave

Fast, compact and “Class S”
MELAG offers practices an economically alternative to the “Vacuklav” series with its Euroklav 29 VS+, which, by reason of the instruments and the type of wrapping used there, require no “Class B” autoclaves.

The Euroklav 29 VS+ features four “Class S” programs for sterilization of wrapped, simple, hollow instruments (e.g. scissors, needle holders, clamps etc.) and textiles, even if these are packed.

Equipped with a powerful and efficient vacuum pump, a simple pre-vacuum occurs before sterilization in order to remove air safely from the wrapping and from the interior of the instruments.

Control and monitoring of pressure and temperature parameters necessary for safe sterilization take place by means of sensors and an innovative micro-processing control unit.

The innovative electronic design permits versatility in documentation, digitally through the network or through the compact flash card as well as with the known MELAprint42log printer.
autoclave 29+

Better diagnostics with panoramic imaging begins with accurate, clear views of the patient’s anatomy. The GXDP-300 features proprietary FOX™ technology to capture well-defined, high-quality images — in an instant — with consistent magnification and image uniformity. Utilize VixWin™ Platinum with its powerful imaging tools to advance diagnostic capabilities and accelerate workflow; or view images in a variety of imaging software programs employing GxTWAIN interface.

  • High-quality images meet diagnostic demands
  • Bitewing view comes standard along with Adult and Child Panoramic and TMJ projections
  • FOX™ (Focus-Optimized X-ray) technology increases the depth-of-field for optimized radiographic image clarity


  • Simple three-step operation — choose the projection, select the patient size, take the pan
  • EasyPosition™ system stabilizes patient for clear, consistent images in a short amount of time
  • Large LCD touchscreen interface makes program selection intuitive


  • Modern design in a compact footprint is an attractive addition into any practice
  • Engineering excellence and attentive customer support provide dependable operation
  • Integrates easily into the office network


The EasyPosition system and instructive alignment guides appropriately place and stabilize patients of all sizes, including those needing wheelchair accessibility, to reduce movement and optimize accuracy. Complete your patient scans in just a few simple steps: using the touchscreen control panel, select the imaging projection, choose the appropriate patient size, and take the scan. It’s truly that fast and easy!

  • Chin rest with adaptable anterior position adjustment
  • Unique head support holds the patient stable to reduce movement
  • Ergonomically designed handgrips help enhance patient comfort
  • Laser alignment lights accurately guide patient positioning
  • Column controls for easy patient height adjustment

MELAquick 12+

Compact. Fast. Strong.
The new quick autoclave helps save the practice time and money with its processing of handpieces that conform to the hygiene standards. Handpieces and turbines, prophylactic instruments and other conventional practice instruments (as long as 20 cm) can be sterilized between treating patients, in only about 7 minutes. There are three Class S programs: all programs in accordance with the EN 13060 European Standard.

Not only is removal of air needed for sterilization of handpieces, but also drying is of prominent importance. Drying takes place by means of the connection of the MELAquick 12+ to the compressed air supply in the processing room.

Using the MELAquick 12+ is the ideal alternative to sterilization of handpieces in a normal practice autoclave, with its inevitably longer cycle times. The MELAquick 12+, being 20.5 x 45 cm (width x depth) in size, requires a clearly smaller positioning surface than all other autoclaves and permits the input of up to 12 handpieces. The speedy operating times facilitate continuous practice hygiene, without having to buy expensive, additional handpieces.

Versatility in batch documentation, batch release and traceability, which is known from the MELAG device series of the Pro- and Premium-Classes and is generally recognised as trend setting, is also available with the MELAquick 12+. This includes MELA flash, MELAnet Box for network connection and release and labelling of the instruments with MELAsoft.

Large Autoclaves

With a loading quantity of up to 40 kg of unwrapped instruments, up to 35 kg of wrapped instruments and up to 7 kg of textiles, the Cliniclave 45 offers a far greater range than many other large autoclaves. The extra-large cylindrical sterilization chamber in combination with specifically designed insertion racks offers ideal solutions for all areas of application. Particularly fast operating times, a high load capacity and a reliable sterilization safety are the most important requirements for a large autoclave for practices and clinics. Thanks to the patented technology of the sterilization chambers used in the Cliniclave 45 and the optimized operating hours enabled by this technology, the Cliniclave becomes a decisive component in the area of instrument treatment.

The slide rail integrated into the sterilization chamber simplifies the loading and unloading of the Cliniclave 45. It allows for the various loading configurations to be slid into and removed from the Cliniclave 45 in an effortless, ergonomic and fast manner. The extra-large colour touch display enables an intuitive operation as well as a quick programme selection and helps to avoid errors. The integrated software for documentation, approval and tracing saves costs and allows for comprehensive safety. The particularly economical handling of resources was one of the main objectives when designing the Cliniclave 45. Low energy and water consumption as well as a sophisticated development concept make the Cliniclave 45 one of the most economical, compact and lightest large autoclaves.

Reliable and high-powered for large practices and hospitals
Flexible use, fast cycles and low energy consumption, with high reliability are most significant for the demanding requirements for sterilizers in private practices carrying out operations.

Cliniklav 25 combines a very large interior space with extremely compact external dimensions and can be delivered as a desk top device, but also with a practical floor unit.

The decision on a quality autoclave requires safe planning for a trouble-free process of the operating program. Postponement of interventions should be avoided at all costs.

The Cliniklav 25 has proved its reliability for many years in hundreds of practices and hospitals across the world.

The Cliniklav 25 works with a fractional pre-vacuum, complying with EN 285 and is thus validated.
Up to 15 kg of instruments can be sterilized, wrapped or unwrapped, but also up to 7 kg of textiles or other porous goods.

Used in dental practices and in dental practices and maxillofacial surgery, the Cliniklav 25 offers optional space for up to 36 standard trays or 18 tray cassettes.

With small loads, two fast programs allow shortest cycle times from 14 minutes including pre-vacuum.

MELAtronic EN

Now with drying for wrapped sterile goods
The MELAtronic 15 EN+ is the successor to the globally successful MELAtronic 15 EN, with the same features, but also with additional active drying. It works in accordance with the fractional flow procedure and complies with the requirements of “Class S” autoclaves, namely with EN 13060.

The microprocessor control unit runs the program mode completely automatically and at all times monitors safe sterilization. The display of the operating condition and advice on possible handling requirements by the user are shown on the display. Hence, its use is comfortable, simple and safe.

The necessary recording takes place through a serial interface.

The MELAtronic 15 EN+ is the ideal autoclave. Its use is versatile and is not restricted to podological practices.

The top-quality stainless steel vessel, its safety devices and durable components ensure reliability for many years.

Standard autoclave with a chamber volume of 19 litres
The MELAtronic 23EN works in accordance with fractional flow procedure, and features high temperature and pressure sensors, as well as a microprocessor control unit. It thereby complies with EN 13060.

The complete sterilization cycle takes place fully automatically. An integrated water quality monitoring, a water level indicator and a double-spaced alphanumeric display provide comfortable and easy use.

The MELAtronic 23 EN has a serial interface, to which the MELAprint 42, log printer, or also the MELAflash compact flash card printer, can be connected.

The top-quality stainless steel chamber, with various safety devices and selected components signify reliable operation for many years.

The MELAtronic 23EN is designed for larger installations, in which up to 5 trays with a total weight of 4 kg of solid or 400 g of porous loads can be sterilized.